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Amaya and Rohan’s Pirate day.


I enjoyed making treasure and finding treasure on the front field. I would like to do this again because it is great! I thought it was fun as we all made coins for treasure and teasure chests. We put the clues all over the school and it was kind of fun being outside. We loved […]

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Pirate poem by Traci


Pirate Franson is so handsome and likes to eat Michael Jackson,however with pleasure he looks all day for buried treasure. Pirate Mick is so thick he likes to lick his own sick.Even though he’s like a scary,malicious lion but at night he’s always cryin’. Pirate Deer can not hear however she likes to cheer for […]

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Pirate Homework.


  Well hello 3/4 RN, arrrrhhhhh It’s Captain Benjamin Hornigold here! Your homework is  to create a story about me and my pirate ship! You can post your story on the blog or write it down in yee homework books me mateys. Remember; That I have attacked an armed army ship sent to the Bahamas […]

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