Class 3/4 NR at Barlow Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of Yr 3/4

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Year 34RN’s end of year trip to Legoland.


End of year trip. on PhotoPeach



Meet Dexter and Bunk on PhotoPeach

Family Fun Day in the Afternoon!


Family Fun Day in the Afternoon. on PhotoPeach A massive thanks to all the parents who came. It really was a lovley and special day! Miss Roche

Family Fun Day in the Morning!


Family Fun Day in the Morning. on PhotoPeach

Arrhyyy Mateys!


  Well Hello there year 3/4RN! I be loving yee Pirate Poems and I be thinking yee is quite clever me matey. Arrrre you any good at maths? I didn’t go to pirrrate school so I needs some help! If yee helps me I will do you a pirate dance in a video message. Shiver me […]

Pirate Homework.


  Well hello 3/4 RN, arrrrhhhhh It’s Captain Benjamin Hornigold here! Your homework is  to create a story about me and my pirate ship! You can post your story on the blog or write it down in yee homework books me mateys. Remember; That I have attacked an armed army ship sent to the Bahamas […]

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Apple Trip.


Apple Trip. on PhotoPeach

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My Manchester.


My Manchester. on PhotoPeach

Toy investigation.


Toy investigation. on PhotoPeach

Can you create some super star similes and metaphors about this cat? Best sentences will be selected as the star writer.


Can you create come descriptive sentences about Milly the cat? on PhotoPeach

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