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Welcome to the wonderful world of Yr 3/4

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seeing my freinds on my hoilday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On my hoilday I saw Lechante last week. Today, I  saw luke in yr5 and I saw Rohan. I miss you all love from fatma

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Best Year Ever


I Have Really Enjoyed Swimming My Favourite Part In Year 3 Has Been End Year Trip To Legeoland I Want To Get Better At Swimming So I Can Be In The Olympics.



I’v enjoyed this year especially swimming. I really loved it!

Zacharias best day ever


my favourite time was legoland…bye.

best year ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This year was awesome guys…totally awesome! by Mohamed Hassan

Jasiah’s Tuesday Question


Whats The Name Of A Baby Cheeta? Winner Gets Prize From Jasiah

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Ruths Family Fun Day


This friday it was family fun day. I really enjoyed the chappits because we made the dough ourselves. In addition, I did the salsa with my mum and Miss Kenndy was my partner in the dance also  we did street dance with miss roche and it was amazing and fantasic I could not beileve it I […]

About our good school


About Barlow Hall  School  it’s  good school to have.  There is   fantastic teachers like Miss Roche and kind a headteacher. From Mariam

Niah’s New Animation

June29 the trip to lego land by niahcampbellLike it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Pirate Poem Mariam


Pirate  chick its  a  very very  bit of   your quick  chick. pirate  pick  are you  a dark  pick  however mabe you are  dark  pick? pirate bag  its an old pag because  hes different  chick  ckack  chock  pirate chick  chack chock  you hock!

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